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Life Lessons

Lifelong Search Ends – Treasure Never Found

By On April 20, 2019

Most people live their entire life-time without ever finding one of those rare treasures that unexpectedly catapults them into the elite circles of wealth. There are some who take treasure-seeking extremely seriously. Dan Blankenship was one of them. Dan Blankenship was a successful business man in Florida back in 1965 when he was gripped by a Readers Digest story about…

Life Lessons

Unredacted Report Very Damaging – Available Here

By On April 19, 2019

Redacted and unredacted have become familiar adjectives in common parlance. At one time, it seemed to be a word used mostly by lawyers and courts of law. If you are guilty or someone you love and respect is suspected of wrong-doing, the more details of an incriminating nature that are hidden, obscured or withheld, the greater your relief will be…

Bible Bites

Winning God’s Approval

By On April 17, 2019

You will hear many things and see many things in your life time. If you live long enough, you will see people make their meteoric rise to fame and their dazzling appearance. Perhaps they will burn brightly for a year or a decade but then they’ll fade. They’ll make their impressions and wow people you thought had more insight and…

Bible Bites

My Life and God’s To-Do-List

By On April 9, 2019

Some people seem to live totally spontaneously with no rhyme or reason to their lives. Border-line erratic, playing on the very precipice of irresponsibility. No game-plan for the future and seemingly oblivious to calendars and schedules. Some have accused the Almighty God of also being erratic, unpredictable and even irresponsible. Those are the people who know Him the least. Those…


JESUS: The Easter Story

By On April 4, 2019

  You are wondering why Easter is a special weekend for Christians around the world. It has nothing to do with bunnies and colorful eggs. That maybe fun for children but it really is no part of the Christian story of Easter.  It is the weekend that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The evidence that Jesus…

Bible Bites

Christian, Your Portion is Different!

By On April 2, 2019

Bigger. Better. Newer. Faster. There my mind goes again. Why does my mind so often slip into the craving mode? A faster car; a more powerful bike; a bigger home; more stylish clothes; a better return on my investments; a more exotic vacation; a more influential position; a more impressive body, etc.? Have you ever noticed that those dreams often…

Bible Bites

The Rock in Your Life

By On March 26, 2019

Maybe you feel like King David today.  If there were tissues back then, how many boxes would he have gone through? Were his eyes swollen from crying? There would be the sobs and the times when he would stand up, turn to the wall and raise his arms, with his fists closed, throwing his head back and saying: “O, God!”…

Bible Bites

Oh, be Quiet!

By On March 19, 2019

Depending on how it’s said, the command to ‘be quiet’ could be quite offensive – especially if you’re in the middle of a sentence. It can be rather embarrassing when you’re trying to explain your point of view and someone shuts you down with “Oh, be quiet!” Be quiet – does not only mean to close your mouth and cease…

Life Lessons

Nature or Nurture – Identical Strangers

By On March 19, 2019

Before a research project involving people proceeds, most organizations require an independent ethical evaluation. That’s the norm today – but, it wasn’t always. Back in 1961, it seems Psychiatrist Peter B. Neubauer had a shocking amount of discretion in meddling with humans in researching the nature versus nurture question. To read about it today – his research seems nothing less…

Life Lessons

It’s Not a Level Playing Field – The Side Door

By On March 15, 2019

You may not find this shocking in the least. For many, it seems like a proverbial truism – people with connections and money have an uncanny way of getting what they want. As troubling as this reality is, we are resigned to a reluctant acceptance of unlevel playing fields in most sectors of society. But in the single most important…