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Bible Bites

Do My Neighbours See Royalty in Me?

By On October 30, 2018

Quite frankly, I’m not impressed. There’s something about him I just don’t like. He’s been in our neighbourhood for years. He’s very stand-offish. Once a year he sticks a religious calendar in our door, but for the rest of the year, he’s never seen. He has a reputation for being cheap and cutting hard deals around town. He looks out…

Bible Bites

Why Is God So Slow?

By On October 23, 2018

Have you wondered why God doesn’t just speak the word and make it happen for you? Or in the vernacular – why doesn’t He just snap His fingers and your problems would be over? Sometimes we complain about His snail-paced interventions in our lives.  When the children of Israel were heading towards the Promised Land, God told them they would occupy the land little by little….

Bible Bites

Leaders on Overload

By On October 16, 2018

“Dear, I feel downright miserable. Out of breath. I think it’s an anxiety attack. My chest feels heavy and I think I’m losing it.” “Well, Harry, the sooner you learn you can’t – and shouldn’t do everything yourself, the faster you will feel better. You just take on too many things and never let anything go. You think you must…

Life Lessons

Impermanence of Stunning Sand Art – Like Life

By On October 10, 2018

It sounds like one of those heavy-duty words – impermanence. But it’s not too difficult at all to wrap your head around the concept. Something that’s here today but gone tomorrow is impermanent. Something that stole the spotlight yesterday but is nowhere to be found today – is impermanent. A temporary show. The stunning yellow rose that won the summer…

Bible Bites

Negative Influences in Our Lives

By On October 9, 2018

Others had impotent gods who were powerless to intervene. But these people had the only true and mighty God as their God. They had seen displays of His mighty power. When they were slaves in a foreign land He delivered them. When the Red Sea became an obstacle, their God simply cut a path through the waters, so they could…

Bible Bites

Satan’s Bottom Line

By On October 2, 2018

Negotiations often reach a stage where one party becomes frustrated with the games being played. Someone eventually blurts out:  “Okay, give us your bottom line. What is the absolute minimum you want out of all this?”  That question wasn’t asked in Matthew 4, but had it been asked, the answer couldn’t have been clearer. In 2018, every Christian needs to know…

Bible Bites

Behind-the-Scenes God

By On September 25, 2018

Do a word-search for ‘God’ in the book of Esther. Try searching for the word ‘Jehovah’ or ‘Lord’ in the little book. Your results will be zero. The word ‘God’ is nowhere to be found, yet God is everywhere in the book. There are events and circumstances recorded in the Bible where God is unmistakably present. You can’t miss Him…

Bible Bites

Desensitized Believer

By On September 18, 2018

I’m almost embarrassed over spending so much of my life thinking that way. All that stuff seems so petty now. Once I thought those things were fundamental and important to God. I guess I’ve been liberated in my thinking. Set free! God has bigger things to worry about, and so do I. I’m finished with the small stuff. Did Lot…

Bible Bites

Don’t Rush to Tell Others

By On September 11, 2018

“Guess what? Here’s my plan. I’m so excited. I had this great idea an hour ago and I just know I want to follow through on it. It will mean some humongous changes and it will take a great deal of effort – hey, but I’m not a wimp. I can handle it.” Maybe you’re not a wimp. Perhaps you…

Bible Bites

Fan the Flame

By On September 4, 2018

What flame are you fanning these days? Is it a flame that will burn for eternal profit or is the potential flame you are trying to fire-up something that will burn out relatively quickly? How have you been spending your energies lately? What has been consuming your thought life? What gets you out of bed each morning? Where does your…