If you do not personally know Jesus Christ as your Saviour this offer is for you. We would like to send you some helpful Bible literature, as well as an audio CD, that will help answer the questions you have. Please fill out the form below including your first and last name and your complete postal delivery address.

Other than a nominal fee of $2.00, this package will be mailed to you basically free. If you do not complete the process below to pay the $2 fee through Paypal, we will be unable to respond to your request. If you do not have PayPal, and you cannot pay the $2, just use the email address below and explain.

If you have any questions or comments click here to email.

Note: This offer DOES NOT apply to Christians, evangelists, missionaries or churches looking for Gospel supplies to distribute or for library shelves. If you require good Bibles or Christian literature for distribution, see the Links section of this website.