“He healed them … they glorified the God of Israel.” Matthew 15:29-39, KJV, NASB

The Lord Jesus is seen in Gentile territory. A variety of needs are brought to Him. There were those with malfunctioning organs and those with deficient body parts. No demand was too great. He healed them all. The God of Creation is also a God of infinite compassion. There is no mention of faith on the part of those in need. There was never a case brought before the Lord Jesus that He was not sufficient to meet. He actually created limbs where none existed, muscles which had long ago atrophied, and functions which had ceased. Little wonder that the people were amazed.

But notice that in His service, He directed all glory to His Father: “They glorified the God of Israel.” His entire life was directed to God’s glory. Even when the Father vindicates the Son and affords Him the place of highest honor, we read that men will confess Jesus Christ as Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Questions to Consider

  1. It says they “wondered” when they saw the results of His power. Trace the word in Matthew’s Gospel: thaumazo (see ch 8:27; 9:8, 33; 21:20; 22:22; 27:14).
  1. This miracle is preceded by a Gentile woman who is content with just a crumb from off His table. It is followed by people who are “filled” with all they can eat (v 37). What is the significance of the miracle in between?
  1. Why a mountain (v 29)? Can you find all seven mountains in Matthew and trace the development of a theme through Matthew?