Bible Bites

A Christian believer loves the Lord Jesus Christ. We didn’t always love Him. Every true Christian has a ‘past’ – a time in our lives when we kept Christ on the outside. What was the turn-around point in our lives? It was the moment we personally placed our trust in Jesus Christ to save us from our sins and to rescue us from a dark eternity. The Christian life starts with a moment of conversion, a salvation experience.

From that point forward, a genuine believer has an inner desire to please, honor and obey Christ each day of our lives. A Christian is not perfect, but we love, worship and live for One who is – Christ!

We all rely on food for strength and growth. Physically, if we don’t eat every day we become weak. A Christian must have spiritual food every day or we become weak spiritually. A Christian reads their Bible to be strengthened. It is a daily MUST if we are going to grow in Christ.

Bible Bites are just that – bites, small bites, once a week. We are glad you are reading the bites in this section of our website, but remember, they are not full meals. Think of them as little spiritual snacks between the Table Meals with your own Bible. Make sure your daily spiritual diet consists of reading your Bible and praying each day.

If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you.

Bible Bites

Ever the Shepherd

By On October 3, 2017

Cruel, impatient, hostile, rough and careless are words you would not use to describe the qualities of a good shepherd. The word ‘shepherd’ conjures up images of affection, care, diligence, patience, gentleness, guidance, etc. People who work in an abattoir aren’t normally marked by a love for the animals they slaughter. For them, it’s business – a means of survival….

Bible Bites

Your Story is the #1 Best Story

By On September 26, 2017

Someone would probably laugh or be annoyed if I claimed that my personal story is, from my own perspective, the #1 best story in the world.  But is it an empty claim? Not really. It’s not proud or arrogant to find greater joy and depth in your own story than in the story of another. Of course, the focus here…

Bible Bites

Landmarks and Locations Important to You

By On September 19, 2017

Bahamas. Bermuda. Barcelona. Bora Bora. Bondi.  Besides the fact that these places all start with ‘B’, what else do they have in common?  If you had a vacation at any one of these places, you would have no difficulty remembering the beach. Try this one. What do these places have in common? Sycamore tree. Damascus Road. Philippian Jail. Desert Highway…

Bible Bites

Without it – Forget it. It’s Just a Wow!

By On September 12, 2017

Wow Story #1 “It’s amazing. I heard him myself. It wasn’t trickery. He really did it. He can speak 6,912 different languages. Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish and English are the four biggies – but I asked him about some of the most obscure languages on the planet and he did it! He is a super polyglot. He blew me away!” “But…

Bible Bites

Don’t Pray that Prayer Again

By On September 5, 2017

Did you ever get the signal from the Lord to not pray a certain prayer again? “That’s enough. Don’t make that request again. Accept My position on the matter.” One day, Moses was exalting the Lord in prayer: ‘O Lord GOD, you have only begun to show your servant your greatness and your mighty hand. For what god is there…

Bible Bites

Slippery Slopes of Despair

By On August 29, 2017

When your mind is racing with fear and every possible doomsday scenario is flashing before you, the last thing you want to hear is: ‘Be calm. Don’t worry. Don’t be anxious. Just pray.’ Sadly, there are days in our lives when verses from the Bible almost seem to mock us. When we are in the thick of it we can…

Bible Bites

Sweet Worship – Bitter Chatter

By On August 22, 2017

Was it composed and sung spontaneously and simultaneously? Did the lyrics and vivid imagery just flow out of the song leader? Have you ever heard 1,000,000+ people singing and worshipping in unison? Did the people in the local villages step outside their homes and lift their heads, with straining ears, to catch more of the singing as it echoed across…

Bible Bites

Lingering and Loving – The Connection

By On August 15, 2017

Sometimes our lives are busier than they need to be.  We aren’t always good at sorting out the valuables from the clutter.  In the hodgepodge of daily-life, it seems that everything on our plate is of equal importance. But everything on my daily to-do list is not of equal importance.  If bad news struck your life later this week, it…

Bible Bites

When Some One Important is Rooting for You!

By On August 8, 2017

When someone tells you, they are rooting for you, we assume they’re interested in our well-being and success. It’s a nice feeling to know that someone is rooting for you. Some of us may not have been athletically-inclined; so, we never felt the rush of having a bunch of people screaming: “Rah! Rah! Rah! Go, boy, Go!” How’s this for…

Bible Bites

God’s Impossibility

By On August 1, 2017

“I can’t believe it. I heard her with my own two ears. I’m not dreaming. She looked me straight in the eyes and told me she never, not even once, went out with him. I figured I was her best friend and that she would always tell me the truth – no matter what. But I guess she let me…