Bible Bites

Bible Bites are intended for the Christian believer – one who loves the Lord Jesus Christ. We didn’t always love Him. Every true Christian has a ‘past’ – a time in our lives when we kept Christ on the outside. What was the turn-around point in our lives? It was the moment we personally placed our trust in Jesus Christ to save us from our sins and to rescue us from a dark eternity. The Christian life starts with a moment of conversion, a salvation experience.

From that point forward, a genuine believer has an inner desire to please, honor and obey Christ each day of our lives. A Christian is not perfect, but we love, worship and live for One who is – Christ!


We all rely on food for strength and growth. Physically, if we don’t eat every day we become weak. A Christian must have spiritual food every day or we become weak spiritually. A Christian reads their Bible to be strengthened. It is a daily MUST if we are going to grow in Christ.

Bible Bites are just that – bites, small bites, once a week. We are glad you are reading the bites in this section of our website, but remember, they are not full meals. Think of them as little spiritual snacks between the Table Meals with your own Bible. Make sure your daily spiritual diet consists of reading your Bible and praying each day.

If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you.

Bible Bites

The Confession of Sin

By On June 5, 2018

“Look out the window, mom. The streets are filled with people. Where’s everyone going? They’re all dressed the same way. They’re wearing stuff that looks like canvas – only its rougher and coarser looking. Almost looks like potato sacks. And they’ve got dirt or ashes all over their heads.” A Jewish mother would explain to her child the significance of…

Bible Bites

Emmaus Walk through the Scriptures

By On May 29, 2018

It had been the worst Passover weekend ever. These two were heading home broken-hearted. There wasn’t even a hint of happiness or hope on their faces. The highly-touted silver-lining behind the darkest clouds was nothing more than a fable. Nothing good could ever come out of such a miscarriage of justice and tragedy. For months, all their hopes were pinned…

Bible Bites

Who Gets the Glory Around Here?

By On May 22, 2018

Nose: “It just doesn’t seem fair to me. Everybody comments on the beautiful blue eyes. I’m certainly not looking for prominence or place, but I’m genuinely concerned about others. I definitely feel sorry for the ears, and the eyebrows and the chin. People rarely notice the contribution they make. They have so much to offer and yet it’s those dumb…

Bible Bites

Wearing Bible Clothes

By On May 15, 2018

Finding clothes on fashion sites or in magazines is one thing, but have you ever found clothes in the Bible? Clothes that God expects you to wear? Have you paused at your closet door to scan your clothing options for the day, breathing out a perplexing sigh: “What will I wear today?” or “What will I put on?” We make our…

Bible Bites

Stop Looking Back – Start Moving Forward

By On May 8, 2018

“I thought I blew it but then I realized – it’s not all over. Restoration is possible. It’s not too late to change because I still have time. Yes, I have wasted time. I have made mistakes in the past. I even have regrets about yesterday. But this morning, God’s Word reminded me that regardless of what’s lost, what’s behind…

Bible Bites

Christian Mentoring Program

By On May 1, 2018

Mentor: trusted counselor or guide. “Oh my! This sounds suspicious. I don’t like the sound of ‘programs’. We don’t read of programs in the Scriptural Pattern. It sounds too ‘churchy’ and too ‘secular’ for me. It reminds me of one of those packages you buy off a store shelf and there’s not a breath of God in any of it!”…

Bible Bites

Who Did I Really Offend?

By On April 24, 2018

“I’m so sorry. I wish I had never done that. It was wrong. I hurt you. I hurt your family. I disappointed my friends. I actually disappointed my own family. I let down other Christians. And I am sure non-Christians were surprised as well. No matter what way I look at it – it was wrong from every angle.” Sometimes,…

Bible Bites

“I Would Like to Do More.”

By On April 3, 2018

When there’s something to be done, are you standing-in-line waiting for the green light to start? Or do you make yourself scarce or unavailable? Do you show up when the bulk of the work is done, hoping people will assume you did your fair share of the work? Are you the last one to show up and the first one…