“Never man spake like this Man” John 7:46 KJV

“Never has a man spoken the way this man speaks.” John 7:46 NASB

Everything about the Lord Jesus Christ was unique and singular.

No one ever came as He did. He “became flesh,” teaching of His prior existence, an eternal existence. He came into the world voluntarily. He “took part” of flesh and blood (Heb 2:14). He ever existed and became incarnate. We were conceived and came into the world.

No one ever lived as He did. His was a life of infinite delight to His Father. There were no “off days” in His service. There were no times when He needed to be recalled to His purpose or rededicated to His commission. His was a consistent life of consecrated service to His God.

No one ever spoke as He spoke. His words were full of grace and truth. His words brought healing to the sick, comfort to the sorrowing, life to the dead, and spiritual life to the spiritually dead. Men marveled at His words. Those who came to twist His words and trap Him in His words, left speechless, amazed at His wisdom. And yet it all seemed so artless and simple. He resorted to no deep arguments or clever rationalizations. There were no involved theological arguments appealing to the past teachings of Rabbis as marked the men of His day. The simplest of illustrations from everyday life silenced the brightest of His critics.

Never man loved as He did. “Greater love hath no man than this … “(John 15:13). Of course, no man ever loved the Lord His God with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength, except for this Man! Here was the only One Who returned God’s love both in full measure and in like kind. And here was a Man Who loved His neighbor as Himself. His love for others took Him to a cross. Here is a love that is unique not only in its extent, but in its very motive and purity. It is, in the words of Isaac Watts, “Love so amazing, so divine.”

No one ever died as He died. Many had been nailed to crosses. Thousands had been crucified in the “slaves” rebellion under Spartacus. The cruelty of Rome was open and obvious for all to see. The brutality of the scourging, the inhumanity of the crucifixion, and the pitiless treatment of its victims were the standard for Roman execution. But yet the Lord Jesus died as no one else. He “laid down” His life. He alone had the authority to do this (John 10:18). His was a willing sacrifice. He “gave Himself” (Gal 1:4).

No one ever rose as He rose. Others had been recalled to life: Lazarus, the widow’s son, Jairus’ daughter, and several in the Old Testament. But their recalls to life differed in two major ways from His. They rose to die again. He rose in the power of an endless life. They were recalled to life by others. The Lord Jesus, while dead, had power over death, and raised Himself from the dead (John 2:19; 10:18).

Everything about our Lord Jesus Christ is unique and worthy of worship.


  1. Add to the list of unique features in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. Look at the six times in Scripture where we read that “He gave Himself.”