Some people enjoy ornithology. Every spare minute they have its birds, birds, birds. They study the shape of their beaks; the contour of their wings; their distinctive colour markings; their songs and calls; their migratory routes and nesting habits, etc. They subscribe to bird magazines that are always scattered over their coffee table. Others are deeply intrigued with sportsology. They too subscribe to magazines and bookmark sites on their browser – but definitely not about birds. They know their teams and stats as well as they know their kids and their ages. For others, it’s politicology. They know their stuff and are passionate about it. They could host their own talk-show.

Which ‘ology’ captures your heart and brain? What has magnetic drawing power in your life? What about Christology – the study of the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Among your friends, you may have the most in-depth knowledge of golfing, trucks, astronomy, football or politics. But the critical question is – how well do you know Christ? Ask yourself: how much more can I tell you about Him this year over last year? Could I give you an hour’s worth of new material, consisting of fresh insights and new glimpses I’ve had of Christ over the past year? Or would I have to fill up the hour with a rehash?

Paul was writing to Christians he had only heard about in a city he had never visited – believers in Colossae. Intellectuals and philosophers were at work attempting to undermine the faith and erode the confidence Christians had in Christ. The Epistle to the Colossians is Paul’s beautiful and robust response to the wrong teaching – presenting the deity, the glories and the matchless worth of our Risen Christ who is our Head while we serve Him on earth.

Paul then writes:

Christ –
in whom are hid all the treasures
of wisdom and knowledge.

Colossians 2:2-3

Would you say you have been delving into the rich treasures found in Christ alone? Or have you plateaued with a basic appreciation of Christ as ‘merely’ your Saviour? There are treasures to be discovered in Christ that surpass any other treasures known to the human race.

How much time did you spend this week looking for those treasures? A diamond ring is lost at the park. Some walk around, kicking away the leaves with their eyes scanning the surface. Others stoop down and push the leaves away with their hands. Some get on their knees and look through the blades of grass. But one keener rents a metal detector and methodically goes over the ground inch by inch until there’s a beep in his headphones. “Found it!”

In the diamond-searcher analogy – which one represents the effort you are putting into uncovering the treasures of wisdom and knowledge that are found in Christ alone? The word ‘treasure’ is similar to thesaurus or storehouse! Christ is your thesaurus for life.

Open a new file today or buy one of those hard covered black notebooks and label it: Treasures I’ve Found in Christ. As you read your Bible and pray, make a commitment to the Lord to record a minimum of one line each day about the Person of Christ specifically. It could be something in the chapter you’ve read; or a phrase in just one of the verses or it could have been something that came to your mind when you were praying. Take a minute to record that nugget!

At the end of each week review your little thoughts of Christ on your knees and pray that your knowledge of Him and intimacy with Him will grow each week. Your spiritual life will be deeply enriched in amazing ways. Specialize in Christology.

Walk carefully and closely with the Lord today.
Warmly in Christ,