For Canada’s 150th birthday (2017) free passes were available to all Canada’s National Parks. Thank you Parks Canada.

Rustico PEI. A fishing village that’s always worth seeing at Christmas and visiting during the summer months.

Summerside’s imposing winter skyline. The staggering structural heights piercing the azure blue sky! Maybe not – but beautiful.

Big Cats – Lion Pride – A family outing!

Bulk Carrier Ship in Port Summerside, PEI   Shoveler flies the Cyprus flag.

Ice forming in Summerside Harbour, PEI. December 15, 2017

PEI Malpeque Oysters – Best in the World and found in every major North American city.

An attic find. Gilbert’s Chemistry Experiment Lab – a Christmas gift from the 50’s

View of St. John’s Harbour (Newfoundland) from the dining tower “The Rooms” in the beautiful museum. Worth visiting!

Robert Lowry’s Piano Store – Sales and Repair, Eglinton Avenue, Toronto

Remembrance Day Service, Toronto, Ontario 2017

November 11, Old City Hall, Toronto, Ontario

November 11, 2017 – after the wreaths, then the individual poppies are laid. Toronto

Eglinton Avenue West area. Toronto

Cabot Trail – Hikers Dining Shelter along with a wood stove and clean washrooms

Are these Cape Breton (Margaree Forks) pigs or sows or hogs? They don’t seem to care much about Tim Horton’s coffee – dark Roast.

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton – a waterfalls.

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton

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New Brunswick view of the Confederation Bridge – Be sure to visit Cape Jourimain Nature Centre, in NB before you cross the bridge.

North Shore, Prince Edward Island

Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick

Fields of Margate, PEI