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A Christian believer loves the Lord Jesus Christ. We didn’t always love Him. Every true Christian has a ‘past’ – a time in our lives when we kept Christ on the outside. What was the turn-around point in our lives? It was the moment we personally placed our trust in Jesus Christ to save us from our sins and to rescue us from a dark eternity. The Christian life starts with a moment of conversion, a salvation experience.

From that point forward, a genuine believer has an inner desire to please, honor and obey Christ each day of our lives. A Christian is not perfect, but we love, worship and live for One who is – Christ!

We all rely on food for strength and growth. Physically, if we don’t eat every day we become weak. A Christian must have spiritual food every day or we become weak spiritually. A Christian reads their Bible to be strengthened. It is a daily MUST if we are going to grow in Christ.

Bible Bites are just that – bites, small bites, once a week. We are glad you are reading the bites in this section of our website, but remember, they are not full meals. Think of them as little spiritual snacks between the Table Meals with your own Bible. Make sure your daily spiritual diet consists of reading your Bible and praying each day.

If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you.

Bible Bites

Interviewing the King about Real Joy

By On April 19, 2017

Question: “Your Majesty, can I interrupt you just for a second? You seem to be on a roll. I noticed you writing with a smile on your face. Are you making an entry in your journal?” Answer: “As a matter of fact, I am. I enjoy poetry. It allows me to record my deepest thoughts – the musings of my…

Bible Bites

Failing Again:  The Struggle with Repeat Sins

By On April 11, 2017

Sometimes we cry to the Lord and say: “With Your help I will never do that again.”  Sadly, we end up repeating the same sin and find ourselves confessing the failure to the Lord again with the same resolve: “Lord, I am truly sorry. Help me to glorify Your Name and not dishonor it openly or secretly.”  Sometimes the cycle…

Bible Bites

Glad to Have a Christian Onboard

By On April 10, 2017

The people in the lunch room are annoyed with you because they want to tell a dirty joke and you’re sitting right there. Your presence makes them uncomfortable and awkward. On another occasion, something happened that upset them. They wanted to scream out or as a minimum, mutter a string of swear words, but you were close by and they…

Bible Bites

Self Mastery

By On April 4, 2017

 Ah, I don’t feel like it today. I think I’ll laze around and do not much of anything. I can’t be bothered. You may call me a slacker but really, I find it takes too much effort. It’s easier just to chill and do your own thing. Maybe I give-in to myself too much.” Achievements and success rarely fall into…

Bible Bites

Can’t Fight this One Yourself

By On March 28, 2017

Do you have a major threat looming on the horizon of your experience? Are you filled with fear or despair? Have you ever felt totally inadequate over what was facing you? Are you in a tight corner? King Jehoshaphat was faced with a major threat of an invading army and he wasn’t afraid to admit he was scared. But his fear did not paralyze…

Bible Bites

Missing the Joy of Salvation

By On March 21, 2017

The beaming face has been replaced with a dutiful smile. “Yes, it is another great day to be alive. We can thank the Lord for that.” The spontaneous expressions of gratitude have been replaced with platitudes. A certain awkwardness overtakes you as you try to mingle with other believers. You wonder if they can sense something is wrong but you…

Bible Bites

Revamping your ADL – Activities of Daily Living

By On March 14, 2017

Perhaps you’re not familiar with the acronym ADL – Activities of Daily Living. If you work with people who have been restricted in some way or injured, you probably know about the routines that are officially classified as the activities of daily living. Mobility, Communication, Breathing, Bowel and bladder management, Eating and drinking, Personal cleansing and grooming, Personal device care…

Bible Bites

The Gap: Fact – Not Theory

By On February 28, 2017

You thought the Gap Theory was just that – a theory. The reality is – it’s a fact! Perhaps you are surprised by this statement and disappointed over the apparent arrogance of such a claim. The Scriptures couldn’t be clearer – there is a definite gap. But maybe not the gap in Genesis you are thinking about – in Chapter…

Bible Bites

Important Bases to Cover BEFORE Marriage.

By On October 26, 2016

Important Bases to Cover BEFORE Marriage. pramsay posted on June 03, 2010 17:37 2944 views Bible Bites www.heaven4sure Annual Marriage Reminders (2 of 2) As promised, this is the follow-up document to the 25 Flashing Lights  email sent out on Tuesday, June 01, 2010.  For those who did not get a chance to read the introduction to the Flashing Lights…

Bible Bites

When is it Okay to Deceive?

By On October 26, 2016

When is it Okay to Deceive? pramsay posted on August 14, 2008 02:26 2483 views When is it Okay to Deceive? It was an elaborate scheme but somehow Rebekah seemed comfortable with it. She was out to deceive her husband and scuttle his plans to give the family blessing to Esau, their oldest boy. As Esau left for the field…