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Bible Bites

Who’s Reigning in Your Life in 2018?

By On January 16, 2018

Discontented Jew: “Everybody else has one. It’s cool. They get to see their king riding the palace chariot in parades. I bet the local yokels feel good when they see their king walking on the royal red carpet, with the scepter in his hand and that big crown on his head. I imagine I would get goosebumps seeing our king…

Bible Bites

Ready to Die

By On January 9, 2018

The pleading was strong. The pressure was intense. Their tears said it all. Those who loved and respected the Apostle Paul did not want him to travel to Jerusalem. They knew it would probably be the beginning of the end for him. Even his companions, like Luke, travelling with him, tried to dissuade him from going to Jerusalem. Then Paul…

Bible Bites

Making a Name for Yourself

By On January 2, 2018

I once had to introduce a distinguished speaker whose curriculum vitae was many pages long. He had many accomplishments and he seemed to quite enjoy people giving him a long introduction. He had received the nation’s top honors and he deserved them. He belonged to many prestigious societies; he was an honorary physician to the Queen, a United Nations’ celebrity,…

Bible Bites

When is Your Quiet Time with the Lord?

By On December 26, 2017

January 01, 2018 is just days away. Spiritually, it will not be an easier year than 2017 – in fact, this could be the most challenging year for me or for you or for both of us – maybe for all of us. Start the New Year right. Prepare your heart spiritually and your mind psychologically to commit to the…

Life Lessons

Masters of Disguise

By On December 22, 2017

We have so many layers. Like peeling an onion, someone has said. We can be piously sweet, smiling and gregarious. We can be connivingly sneaky, self-serving and mean. We can be ever-so-clean; and then, disgustingly filthy. In our desire to be respected and accepted, we publicly show our better side. Masters of disguise we truly are. Years ago, kids once…

Bible Bites

Would Grace Include or Exclude Them?

By On December 19, 2017

“Well, they’re a real embarrassment. You know how there are just some names you want to be associated with and then others you just want to avoid like the plague? Well, I’ve got two of them at least in my blood line. And quite frankly, when someone asks me if I’m related to them I try to change the subject.”…

Bible Bites

Family Pressure Can Hinder Spiritual Growth

By On December 12, 2017

The crowds were huge. At one point, Jesus requested to have a boat on standby to avoid being physically crushed by the sheer force of thousands swarming and jamming together around Him. There was no relief and no time to have a bite to eat. His family in Nazareth became alarmed and traveled 40 kilometres to Capernaum to put an…

Bible Bites

The King’s Tearless Funeral

By On December 5, 2017

It was a sad way to go for King Jehoram – but it happens. It must be a lonely departure. Those last few hours as the body succumbs to death. The room is empty except for family. The body is prepared for burial. The program for the funeral is drawn up. The service is conducted. The burial occurs, and people…

Life Lessons

Drain the Swamp – Depravity

By On November 29, 2017

It’s a political chant. “Drain the swamp!” Mosquitoes must finally be glad to have the pressure off them. Where is the swamp of depravity? People, using the slogan, often point to many places where they perceive the swamp is located. One such alleged location in recent years is: 38.9072° N, 77.0369° W However, no matter which GPS coordinates are followed,…

Bible Bites

Caving into Pressure 

By On November 28, 2017

Are your legs a little wobbly lately? Are you wondering how much longer you can stand up for the truth? Perhaps some of your friends who once stood with you are no longer standing. So far, you haven’t caved-in to the pressure, but it has crossed your mind. “Why bother? Is it really that important? Couldn’t I still enjoy the…