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Bible Bites

Sweet Worship – Bitter Chatter

By On August 22, 2017

Was it composed and sung spontaneously and simultaneously? Did the lyrics and vivid imagery just flow out of the song leader? Have you ever heard 1,000,000+ people singing and worshipping in unison? Did the people in the local villages step outside their homes and lift their heads, with straining ears, to catch more of the singing as it echoed across…

Bible Bites

Lingering and Loving – The Connection

By On August 15, 2017

Sometimes our lives are busier than they need to be.  We aren’t always good at sorting out the valuables from the clutter.  In the hodgepodge of daily-life, it seems that everything on our plate is of equal importance. But everything on my daily to-do list is not of equal importance.  If bad news struck your life later this week, it…

Life Lessons

ELVIS – Was He a Christian?

By On August 15, 2017

 January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977 Originally posted August 26, 2010 Was Elvis a Christian? Let me check my device. Yes, I have 38 Gospel songs by Elvis Presley on my gadget.  And that’s not them all. He recorded over 80 Gospel tracks during his career. If nothing else, the King of Rock and Roll knew many lyrics that…

Bible Bites

When Some One Important is Rooting for You!

By On August 8, 2017

When someone tells you, they are rooting for you, we assume they’re interested in our well-being and success. It’s a nice feeling to know that someone is rooting for you. Some of us may not have been athletically-inclined; so, we never felt the rush of having a bunch of people screaming: “Rah! Rah! Rah! Go, boy, Go!” How’s this for…

Changed Lives

Serial Killer, Son of Sam’s Personal Story

By On August 7, 2017

I am glad you are checking out this story. I have written and visited Prisoner and Christian David Berkowitz several times. He is one of very few American prisoners who is allowed to maintain a personal website. He is a totally changed man. This story does not glamorize in any way his dark and tragic past or the horrific crimes…

Bible Bites

God’s Impossibility

By On August 1, 2017

“I can’t believe it. I heard her with my own two ears. I’m not dreaming. She looked me straight in the eyes and told me she never, not even once, went out with him. I figured I was her best friend and that she would always tell me the truth – no matter what. But I guess she let me…

Life Lessons

Muhammad Ali – “I Just Want to Get to Heaven.”

By On July 27, 2017

Incredibly short – that’s what life is! It’s but a dash between the first knock-out to the last knock-down. The dash for Muhammad Ali looked like this: 1942 – 2016. What happens to all, happened to the self-proclaimed greatest. You know your four-number configuration to the left of the dash but you don’t know how quickly the numbers will be…

Bible Bites

Take the Heat. Tell the Truth.

By On July 25, 2017

Under pressure don’t bend or collapse. If you know it’s right, stick with it. Take the heat. Micaiah, son of Imla, a contemporary of Elijah, shows up for one recorded Bible episode. Unlike Elijah, who gets lots of ink, Micaiah only makes a brief debut in Scriptures; but what an impressive performance in 1 Kings 22! The story is retold…

Bible Bites

Paul’s Heart vs My Heart

By On July 18, 2017

How’s your heart? In romance, sometimes it flutters. In sorrow, it is broken. In trials, it is anxious and often very heavy. In carefree or frivolous moments, it can be lighthearted. When good news arrives, it becomes a happy heart. In the face of disappointment or shabby treatment, it can be bitter. Selfishness is the product of a stingy heart….

Bible Bites

Christian Living isn’t a Piece of Cake

By On July 11, 2017

How are things today? When you first trusted Christ, did you think life would magically become a ‘piece of cake’? Were you expecting the Christian life to be ‘a breeze’ or ‘fun in the sun’ or ‘a bed of roses’ or a ‘stroll through the park’? Have you ever taken a ‘lazy river’ ride in the summer, relaxing on a…