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Bible Bites

Enthusiasm in the Heart

By On July 4, 2017

Restoration is a wonderful thing.  The Old Testament story of King Hezekiah’s reign is loaded with lessons. You can read it in 2 Chronicles 29 – 32. The 25-year-old monarch had his head screwed on right when he came to the throne. He started with the doors of the Lord’s house that had been closed. How can people properly worship…

Bible Bites

Paul’s Parting Shot

By On June 27, 2017

‘Paul’s Parting Shot’ is probably a poor caption for this Bible Bite and somewhat misleading. There’s a certain smugness we can hardly conceal when we ‘have the last word’ in a heated debate. We may even gloat over the way we ended a tense discussion – our big parting shot! “Well, my last word to him before he stormed out…

Bible Bites

The Golden Scepter of Grace

By On June 20, 2017

It was urgent. The situation was bleak. A trusted but treacherous servant of the King of Persia had concocted a scheme to annihilate the Jews in the Persian Empire. Haman advised the King that the Jews were, in fact, a hidden but very real threat to him and his kingdom. Haman’s hidden motive was to eliminate Mordecai, the Jew, who…

Bible Bites

I Am a Pleaser of Sorts

By On June 13, 2017

Perhaps you applaud yourself and say: “Well, you may be a pleaser but I certainly am not! I get frustrated with people with that kind of a personality – always wanting and always trying to be a pleaser. They must have many insecurities. As far as I can figure out, they try to earn people’s approval and acceptance by being…

Life Lessons

Prepare to Die – Quitbit

By On June 7, 2017

In 2016, the Mount Pleasant Group of Funeral Homes released the commercial below. In one sense, it’s mildly humorous but from a real-life perspective – it’s deadly serious. One of Canada’s national newspapers, The Globe and Mail introduced their story on the unique commercial this way: With a panoply of tech tools and toys, it’s now possible to quantify almost everything…

Bible Bites

“Please, Please, Let Us Give.”

By On June 6, 2017

“I want to give her the biggest diamond I can afford. I don’t really care if I have to work a hundred hours overtime to buy it. I love her like crazy and I want to give her the best engagement ring I can possibly buy.” It’s called love. “I want to give My very own Son – even though…

Life Lessons

Confederation Bridge – Come to PEI

By On May 30, 2017

Okay. I am from Prince Edward Island. If you detect even a hint of a bias – please be gracious in your response. Long before the initials of P.E.I. were known, the Island had other names. The European explorer Jacques Cartier came across the island in 1534 and recorded: “the fairest land ’tis possible to see!” But Cartier wasn’t the…

Bible Bites

Apologetics – Your God or Theirs?

By On May 30, 2017

Some have a dim view of apologetics. Some feel it’s not necessary to engage in any defense or argument to prove the reality of God to doubters. They feel that those who don’t believe should just accept the Bible without asking any questions. Preachers, some say, should not waste their time trying to present the evidence that God is God…

Bible Bites

Hating a Christian

By On May 23, 2017

Ouch! Hate is a very strong word. Tone it down a bit. Try: ‘disliking your brother’. Or even ‘take him or leave him’ – a feeling of mere ambivalence towards your Christian brother. Wouldn’t that be better than that awful word ‘hate’? The trouble is – nothing less than loving our brother or sister in Christ is acceptable to God….

Bible Bites

Threats or Opportunities?

By On May 16, 2017

Have you ever wondered how people could look at the same thing but see something totally different? Why do weather forecasters tell you there’s a 30% chance of rain tomorrow? Why don’t they say a 70% chance of radiant sunshine? Twelve influential men were selected to conduct a SWOT analysis of the new territory to be inhabited. They were assigned…