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Life Lessons

Big Lottery Win: Generosity Second to None

By On April 26, 2017

Neighbours talked about it. Journalists wrote stories about it. Coffee shops were a-buzz with the extraordinary news. And it spread across Canada and eventually around the world by major media outlets. It was a heart-touching story of outstanding generosity and selflessness. Allen and Violet Large had been married for 36 years. They worked hard. Allen was a welder and Violet…

Bible Bites

Feeling the Wind is One Thing

By On April 25, 2017

How could you not feel it! The gale is so strong – it seems to be hurricane force. It’s taking every ounce of energy you have, to keep on walking. In fact, it seems the sheer velocity of the wind is pushing you backwards, as you try to step forward! It is exhausting. What’s happening? Why are you feeling this…

Life Lessons

The Collapse of the Summit Cornice

By On April 21, 2017

Too frequently we are sadly reminded just how quickly and unexpectedly tragedy can strike. So often, we feel safe because we are careful and cautious – not carelessly reckless. But still – we can’t be sure we will avoid a tragedy. Six experienced hikers had their early Spring Saturday carefully planned. They would climb Mount Harvey in Lions Bay, British…

Bible Bites

Interviewing the King about Real Joy

By On April 19, 2017

Question: “Your Majesty, can I interrupt you just for a second? You seem to be on a roll. I noticed you writing with a smile on your face. Are you making an entry in your journal?” Answer: “As a matter of fact, I am. I enjoy poetry. It allows me to record my deepest thoughts – the musings of my…


New Bumper Magnets Available

By On April 18, 2017 has a new logo. The bluish heaven is the preferred eternal destination. The gold seal reminds us of our no-fail security in Christ. Or, some like to think of the circles as the sun signaling the dawning of a new day, in contrast to the dark days of not knowing Christ.   New vehicle magnets are available. We don’t…

Life Lessons / News

Fill-A-Bag Halifax

By On April 17, 2017

This event is a free clothing (plus a smattering of toys and household items) giveaway on April 22, 2017. Upon arrival at the North Street Gospel Hall, each guest will receive a canvas tote/bag to fill. This event is open to ALL. Free refreshments will also be available. This event is being hosted by a group of Christians who meet together…

Life Lessons

Jesus: His Resurrection – The Evidence

By On April 17, 2017

Jesus is not just an historic teacher or an amazing and revered prophet. At least one billion people alive in the world today, believe Jesus was a great prophet but they are not Christians – they are sincere Muslims. There are other religions as well, who respect Jesus as a holy man. Some teach that Christ demonstrated His powers by…

Bible Bites

Failing Again:  The Struggle with Repeat Sins

By On April 11, 2017

Sometimes we cry to the Lord and say: “With Your help I will never do that again.”  Sadly, we end up repeating the same sin and find ourselves confessing the failure to the Lord again with the same resolve: “Lord, I am truly sorry. Help me to glorify Your Name and not dishonor it openly or secretly.”  Sometimes the cycle…

Bible Bites

Glad to Have a Christian Onboard

By On April 10, 2017

The people in the lunch room are annoyed with you because they want to tell a dirty joke and you’re sitting right there. Your presence makes them uncomfortable and awkward. On another occasion, something happened that upset them. They wanted to scream out or as a minimum, mutter a string of swear words, but you were close by and they…