Www.heaven4sure.com has a new logo. The bluish heaven is the preferred eternal destination. The gold seal reminds us of our no-fail security in Christ. Or, some like to think of the circles as the sun signaling the dawning of a new day, in contrast to the dark days of not knowing Christ.


New vehicle magnets are available. We don’t have our little store set up on the website yet, but eventually these magnets will be mailed at a cost of $2 each through PayPal. This is 50% of production and mailing costs and is intended to discourage those who ask for a freebie and then never use it or sell it for their gain. This happens more than some might think. The proceeds from the magnets and other website material goes directly back into the production of more website material.

Until we get our little PayPal store set up – a magnet will be mailed to you free of charge.

It is a great way to quietly share the Gospel. We’ve had visitors to the website who first saw a bumper magnet. Even if they don’t visit the website – they had a thought about the certainty of heaven as an eternal destination they weren’t planning to have that day. The magnet is also a great conversation starter in a parking lot. Someone will see it and say: “What’s that all about?” or “Do you really think you can be sure?” or “Heaven4sure – that would be nice.”

We do our part. And the Holy Spirit does His.

For those who think a magnet on their vehicle is tacky – unlike a sticky decal, you can remove the magnet when you are entering your wheels in a vehicle show. You can remove it on the wedding day this summer (but only if it is the bride’s car); and there are other reasons why you may not want to have it on for a particular day. Magnets are simple. But here’s a heads-up – they usually come off during a drive-thru car wash.

Click here to email us with your request for a free vehicle magnet. Provide your name and complete mailing address and we will gladly send the magnet to you as soon as we possibly can.