One young man told me how a billboard changed his life. He was returning to Canada from a drug deal and the Bible message on the road sign arrested him. The question caused him to find a Bible. He gladly shared how the message of Jesus Christ changed his life and brought him peace.

Another road sign placed at an intersection caused a young couple to turn to the Bible in their search for spiritual answers. They were on their way to the Hospital for the birth of their first child when they read the message on the billboard and their search commenced.

Perhaps you were driving near Phoenix, Arizona or Cedar Falls, Iowa and noticed the billboard above. The fact that you noticed it – is encouraging. Browse around this site. The Bible says you can know ‘for sure’ you have eternal life and a home in Heaven. This site is not about joining a church. It is about visitors finding peace and eternal life through Jesus Christ – not religion! There are many stories about celebrities and events that you will recognize and you will find the life applications from these stories helpful.

The word ‘saved’ is frequently found in the Holy Bible. It is used spiritually for someone who has no relationship with God; has not found peace in life and has no confidence about life after death. It is the answer to sin in our lives; guilt; and the absence of joy and lasting fulfillment in life.

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