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Noah’s Ark: Fable or Fact?

The smirk. The raised eyebrow. The mocking statement: “Surely no one in this classroom believes the hilarious fable of Noah and his big boat with all the animals on board surviving some big flood. Surely no one! Maybe you’ve heard of Sunday Schools years ago where religious people taught all these far-fetched ancient myths and fables to little kids with big eyes and gullible minds. Have you ever heard of the Book of Genesis – where it supposedly all began? Six day creation kooks and big zoo boat believers. Pathetic. But you’re brighter than that – or at least I hope you are, if you are going to stay in my class.”  

Some students start imitating with their fingers elephants and giraffes marching up a ramp. Other students look over and laugh and shake their head. Would anyone in the room be so brainwashed or such a nerd as to believe that religious bunk and baloney? You do. Or your child does. And they are feeling like two cents right about now. Crying inside. But isn’t it in the Bible?

They went into the ark with Noah,

two and two of all flesh in which there was the breath of life.

(Genesis 7:15)

It’s time for Christian parents and Sunday School teachers to re-think some of the ways we teach the true stories from the Bible. We have children for only a very few short years to influence and teach them. All too soon they will be in classrooms and social settings where Bible truths will be attacked and ridiculed.  Too many are not surviving the attacks.

Look at some of the material we share with our children and some of the graphics we have in our Sunday School rooms. Take a second look at them. Don’t they resemble a fairy tale or something out of a popular cartoon series or Aesop’s Fables? Those images burned into their young minds, coupled with the mocking that comes later in classrooms, may do a number on our children. They may not abandon it all and become atheists – but deep down they may secretly harbour doubts about the credibility of some parts of the Bible. Unexpressed but nagging doubts about the credibility and reliability of certain parts of the Scriptures will have a crippling spiritual effect that could last a lifetime.

What’s the alternative? Don’t tell those stories anymore? Absolutely not an alternative. Tell them but do your homework. Dig deeper. If you know certain things in the Word of God are likely to be attacked academically, then study it for yourself. There are answers. These are not just cute little stories to wow childish minds. Equip your children while you have them. Drill into their young minds the facts of Scripture and whenever possible the facts of science and logic that substantiate the teachings of the Bible. Yes, there is that which is known by faith alone. But sometimes we use that as a cop out. If we did our homework, we would find that many things that are attacked in the Word of God and about the Word of God can be supported by solid reasoning and credible evidence that will silence the mouths of critics in 2011 or at least expose their own lack of credibility.

If our children are not grounded in the Book of Beginnings and Origins (Genesis) and have never been given the information to defend the Bible itself, we are sending them out into the high seas of this world extremely vulnerable – limping along at best.

There are excellent resources to help you and your children. One such website is They have an online store with many excellent resources.  Their New Answers Book 1, 2&3 are excellent for high school and college students. They do have a Kid’s Version of these books, as well as many DVDs, etc. Have the material in the familyroom, playroom, bedroom and bathroom.  If you have found some excellent resources, please share them in the comment section of this Bible Bite posted on

Walk carefully and closely with the Lord today,

Peter Ramsay

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# pramsay
Tuesday, January 11, 2011 5:09 AM

Hi Peter – and excellent article. One message that I think needs to get said more often to all parents and teachers for children.

Here is another site that might be of value as I brings even deeper information about creation science.

Have a blessed Day –


# pramsay
Tuesday, January 11, 2011 5:10 AM

Peter another good site is ICR or the institute for creation research..I wholeheartedly agree with your approach on this..amen brother

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